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Ownership - Everyday business changing lives

By transacting with Domino Trading you will be directly contributing to the long term sustainability of The Domino Foundation. This well-respected NPO has been supporting over 4 000 disadvantaged children through key stages in their development and well-being since 2003. Domino Trading is wholly owned by The Domino Trust whose sole beneficiary is The Domino Foundation.

More than just B-BBEE Compliant

The unique ownership identity of Domino Trading aligns itself perfectly with the objectives of B-BBEE legislation, specifically to empower the most undeveloped and disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Furthermore, by doing business with Domino Trading your B-BBEE benefit will be maximised through attaining higher scores in specific categories very difficult to attain otherwise.

Domino Trading is well-positioned to assist with achieving your Supplier Development objectives. By choosing Domino Trading as your Supplier Development beneficiary our team of experts will ensure your supply chain efficiency is optimised and potential weaknesses addressed.

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