Domino Business

About Us

Our History and Mission

In 2016, when we established Domino Business, our heart was to do business with a purpose. To provide significant funding towards the running of the Domino Foundation, in order to assist with their long-term sustainability.

At Domino Business, our mission is to provide a meaningful value proposition as a supplier of goods and services. We’re passionate about promoting a culture of personal and business growth in order to build a better society.

Our success at Domino Business rewards The Domino Foundation and its work in the field of mercy and justice, supporting and developing those who are most disadvantaged.

The Domino Foundation is a registered NPO, formed in 2004 and currently supports over 12,000 beneficiaries, mostly orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), through a number of focused interventions. Domino is active on a national basis.


Our shareholders are individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping others through their work in The Domino Foundation. Domino Business is 60% black owned and 40% black female owned. Hosanna Women NPC is 100% black female owned as a compliant broad based scheme.