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The Entrepreneur's Journey

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The Entrepreneur's Journey

A 10-week course:
Assessment, Mentorship,
Coaching, Equipping

We provide mentoring to entrepreneurs who are already trading in small businesses. The programme allows the individuals to develop business skills and a growth plan with a clearer understanding of their product offering, market and how to scale their business.


A series of videos and workbooks are made available to equip the Entrepreneur on relevant business topics.


The program takes ten weeks from start to finish, with weekly coaching sessions, followed by reflections and assessments, on the relevance of that input.


If you would like to invest in this initiative, the full package cost to sponsor one Entrepreneur is R30,000 for the 10-weeks.

These are their stories.

Acknowledgements: These videos have been produced in collaboration with Mastercard, The 2020 Vision Foundation and Leah Sloman, and provide practical examples and key business insights. The workbooks were developed by Dr. Nick Wood as a tool to enhance the learning process