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Business in a Box

The first step into Entrepreneurship

Business in a Box starts as a one-day workshop designed to train & equip Entrepreneurs with skills to market and sell. Our model is simple – one day workshop, one starter pack of product, one small business.


Our desire is to see entrepreneurs equipped
and released into the marketplace.

We’ve developed a one-day workshop in which attendees are trained in basic business practices such as: marketing, cost and profit, advertising and income generating investments.
At the end of the full day of training, participants receive a box of personal care products to begin their exciting journey of running a small business in order to generate income. If they show more initiative, we do further training to help expand their business.

What we offer


We provide quality, well priced products. After completing the training, Entrepreneurs can continue to purchase products from us and build goodwill with their customers.


We continue to provide opportunities,
support and product to our Entrepreneurs.

Previous Workshops

How can you get involved?

Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a workshop, or if you have people in your community who could benefit from this initiative.